How To Find a Good Insurance Agent

As much as there are countless insurance agents out there, it is however one thing to find an agent and another thing to find a good agent altogether.

Here’s our recommended California insurance specialist, but this article will help you know what to look for in a great insurance agent.

But this alone doesn’t imply that there aren’t good insurance agents out there. Neither does it imply that you can’t find the right insurance broker. You can easily find one provided you are conversant with the basics of finding one. Here are some tips for finding a good insurance agent to help you get started with finding the best insurance broker.


Ask for recommendations

Word of mouth can save you plenty of time when it comes to picking a good insurance agent. That is why you should start with getting recommendations from trusted sources such as family members, friends or coworkers. Ask them to recommend a good agent in case they know one. However, strictly ensure you are asking the right people for recommendations, or people who have actually worked with the agent they are recommending to you. Moreover, ensure they aren’t affiliated with the agent in any way. Most importantly, ask them any relevant questions about the agent until you are certain that the agent is equal to the task.

Do your homework

Do a quick online search on some of the insurance agents near you and then compile a list of prospective agents. Research extensively on each agent and then narrow your list to 5 agents that you deem suitable for you. Visit their websites to find out more about them and their clients.

Schedule an interview with suitable candidates

Once you have identified a number of suitable insurance agents, schedule an interview with them so that you get an opportunity to know them better. Explain your needs to them and also ask them any relevant question regarding their experience and availability. Thereafter, you can pick the agent who will offer the best advice based on the interview you had with them.

Check the agent’s background

This is quite imperative because it will help you find out everything about a prospective agent. For instance, find out whether the agent is licensed and whether they have met the state’s insurance requirements. Ask for a copy of the agent’s license just to make sure they are licensed. Also, visit your state’s insurance website to check your agent’s license status. Find out whether there are any complaints against the agent. This is crucial for finding an agent with a proven track record.

Ask for references

A good agent should always have many clients to offer enthusiastic recommendations. After all, you need to find out whether the agent is up to the task based on the past experience that previous clients have had while working with the agent. That said, ask for references so that you can see what other clients have to say about the agent. Avoid the agent if they don’t have any testimonials to show, thanks to the fact that there is no proof to show that that agent is equal to the task ahead. Don’t forget to read reviews of the agent on trusted sites such as Angie’s List and Better Business Bureau. Reviews can also give you an idea as to whether the agent you have in mind is the right person for the job or not.

Finding a good insurance agent can be quite easy as long as you know what to look for in a prospective agent. With these tips for finding good insurance broker, you will definitely get the right agent for the job.